ALIQ recreation zone

Your best rest is our best advertisement


The rooms of the hotel are furnished with furniture according to European standards, everything is done for complete relax. Each room has its bathroom with hot and cold water. The hotel has two-seater, three or four-seated /de luxe/ and six or seven-seated /first class/ rooms. There is also a hose and a VIP cottage with garage. the rooms are supplied with necessary furniture for people who are on business trip journey to organize their job comfortably and usefully.

The price system changes according to seasonal and not seasonal circles.

Seasonal circle – from June 15th till September 15th and from December 20th till March 15th.
Not seasonal circle - from March 15th till June 15th and from September 15th till December 20th.

We offer cooperation to traveling organizations: during the seasonal circle we can offer 7% discount, and during not seasonal circle – 10%.